Vocal technique and health

This studio embraces a holistic and kinesthetic approach to the voice. Over the years, I’ve sought to create a pathway for my teaching that is informed by voice science, anatomy and physiology, and the integration of physically connected acting and singing to profound emotional truth. This holistic approach seeks to address all aspects of human expression in order to create a thriving artist.

Development of strong, flexible, and embodied voices

Every student possesses a voice that is unique and distinctly individual. Through the use of functional vocal exercises, I teach students how to develop strong and beautiful voices that express the full ability and range of their instrument. These exercises become the foundation from which artistic impulses can soar.

Creating artistic performances and presentations through careful coaching

Since 1995, I have served the Chicago music and theatre communities as a music director and vocal coach for music theatre, cabaret, jazz, choral, and operatic productions. In my studio work I provide performers of any idiom or style with sensitive and reflective suggestions that allow them to make powerful choices, which lead to the creation of moving performances.

As a voice and speech coach I am committed to assisting professional voice users (public speakers, lecturers, corporate professionals) to find an authentic presence and clear communication style that is organic, engaging, and sustainable.

Tactful, honest, nurturing, precise

These are words that students have used to describe my teaching/coaching style. In order to build trust I must give my students constructive suggestions that are useful and honest. I want everyone who comes into my studio to know that their voice is precious, unique, and a vehicle for powerful expression.