Coaching as a discipline can mean many things. Within my studio I focus on four interrelated coaching disciplines in order to meet the needs of performers and professional voice users.

  • Performers, I will support and collaborate with you in creating organic and truthful performances for your auditions, recitals, and theatrical engagements. I am committed to keeping my studio a positive and nurturing space for creative discovery. 
  • Corporate professionals, I will help you to embody presence, authenticity, and clarity in your presentations resulting in greater audience engagement through clear communication skills.
  • Singers with an excellent technique, who desire technical feedback, will be coached on proper diction, musicianship, performance practice and style, history, interpretation, and acting the piece in an appropriate manner.
  • I also offer consultations in performing arts career coaching based upon my work as an actor, music director, and artistic director.  I keep up to date on the needs of Chicago-based theatre companies and talent and casting agencies, and can offer practical guidance to students looking to get started in a professional career in theatre and musical theater. 

Musical Theater and Contemporary Commercial Music

The wide variety of styles and vocal production techniques that the current commercial market demands of its performers makes coaching and teaching these artists very rewarding.  I have a very large library of repertoire, and specialize in assisting musical theatre and CCM performers to find and perform pieces that fit their character range and vocal capabilities.

Classical Singers

For the Classical singer, I am comfortable coaching English, French, Italian, and German diction.  Though I am familiar with standard operatic repertoire, I specialize in Art Song, Melodie, and Lieder. 

Voice, Speech, and Acting coaching

My coaching for professional speakers, voice users, and theatre artists is based on my personal encounters and discoveries with:

  • the theatrical voicework methods of Linklater, Lessac, Rodenburg, Berry
  • Knight-Thompson Speechwork to build understanding of the mechanics of speech and accent acquisition.
  • the Psycho-Physical acting investigations of the Michael Chehkov Technique and Viewpoints.
  •  the Alba Method for identifying, inducing, and regulating genuine emotion through conscious application of patterns of breath and muscle activation organic to basic emotions.
  • the analytical acting methods of Sanford Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, Michael Shurtleff, David Craig.
  • the bodywork of the Feldenkrais Method, as well as the Eastern practices of Qigong and Yoga,