• Lesson time:
    Monday through Friday, 10am-9pm (8pm is the last slot of the day). Sessions are 55 minutes in duration. Prorated schedule available.

  • Cost:
    An introductory “trial” lesson costs $75.
    Payment is due at the time of your lesson.

  • Cancellation policy:
    I ask for 48 hours notice before cancelling a lesson, but I require 24 hours notice. There will be a full charge for a cancellation on the day of the lesson.

  • Location:
    My studio is located in the Uptown/Buena Park neighborhood
    of Chicago.

  • What to bring to your first lesson:
    Please bring a recording device, and two copies of each musical selection, monologue, or presentation you wish work on in studio

For a complete set of policies, please click here to send a request.