“In Matthew, I feel that I have found a teacher who is completely on my side: genuine, knowledgeable, and inspiring. He's helped me access new colors in my voice in an encouraging and vocally healthy way, and I leave each lesson feeling more confident. Since working with Matthew I feel that I've really sharpened my auditioning skills, and he's helped me discover different tools to help me connect to my work in both performance and audition settings. It is important and rare to find a role model and mentor who can help you realistically accomplish your professional goals, and still build you positively as a person so that you are whole both on and off stage. I highly recommend working with Matthew Ellenwood.” Elizabeth Lanza, Actress

“Although I've been singing for as long as I remember, I haven't sounded as good as since I've taken lessons with Matthew. He is teaching me the most efficient, safest way to use my voice, and as a result I am singing with greater confidence and freedom, and it is incredible. Matthew is an endless source of vocal wisdom and advice: I never hesitate to go to him when I need help. Not only is he a great teacher, he is also a fantastic cheerleader. I am truly grateful for his support for my music career. He's the best. Period.”
- Aaron Benham, Music Director, Singer

"When I reached out to Matthew about starting up singing lessons I think it's safe to say I was a zero on the skill set- a 100% beginner. I was so nervous when we had our first lesson I was near tears, but he immediately put me at ease. Matthew is a gentle soul with a knack for reading people and how best to work with each person as an individual. Since working with Matthew, my skills and confidence have soared!”- Kate Black, Actress

"Matthew is the best. He is supportive and kind while pushing you just enough to get you to where you want to be. I have never understood my voice better. Since being with Matthew, people have come up to me and asked me what I've been doing differently because I sound so much better! I cannot recommend him enough!!!" -Miriam Plotkin, Comedian, Cabaret Artist

“Matthew is a welcoming, passionate, and positive voice teacher who knows the mechanics of vocal production and can diagnose on the spot. He delivers strong vocal technique and exercises designed for each persons individual voice type. Matthew also has an amazing knowledge of repertoire and will help build your book. Along with great personal and communication skills, he is open to every person's schedule and pocketbook. I highly endorse Matthew's teaching!”- Darrelyn Marx, Actress, Theatre educator

"This man is the reason I work. I had vocal trauma from a health condition and he helped me work around it then rebuild when healed. His knowledge of anatomy and production goes beyond anything I've ever expected from a teacher and he layers artistry on it all beautifully." -Jasmin Ryan, Actress